Molchanovs Wave 2 Course

Advanced Freediving Course

Students learn how to train and utilise their body for greater freediving performances. They learn how to break down the different elements that improve their freediving and how to develop those individual elements. By the end of the course each diver will know everything they need to dive comfortably from 24 – 30 metres and to achieve breath holds of over two and a half minutes.

Duration: 3 days

Price: $600

Theory session
  • Breathing techniques and relaxation methods
  • Advanced Frenzel equalisation
  • Introduction to reverse packing
  • Mindfulness
  • Buddy system
Pool session
  • Relaxation position for static breath hold
  • Buddy procedures and safety checks
  • Rescure procedures
  • Improvement of dynamic bi-fins technique (DYN)
  • Improvement of dynamic no fins technique (DNF)
4 Open water sessions
  • Boyuancy check
  • Usage of lanyard
  • Introduction to free fall
  • Introduction to Constant Weight No-Fins diving (CNF)
  • Deep rescue procedures
  • Rescure and buddy procedures