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Hi! I'm Artur👋

I'm a Molchanovs freediving instructor and founder of "The Art of Freediving" school, based in Sydney, Australia.
My story with water started early when I was a kid, when...I almost drowned in a lake...not good, I know 😅
It took me couple of years to get over my fear of water and learn how to swim properly, but once I did - it became my second nature. Few years ago I moved to Australia with my wife, where we started doing some diving and we immediately fell in love with it! After doing scuba diving for a while, I took a freediving course and it completely changed my life. The feeling you get when you overcome your fears and discover what you're capable of is just amazing...🙌 My goal is to give people opportunities to experience it for themselves.
I believe relaxation is the key in freediving, so that's also my approach to teaching. During sessions, I make sure that everyone has a good time, finish their courses confident in their skills and look forward to explore our beautiful oceans.🌊
So - If you're looking for a good freediving course that's based on the best education system in the world, head to the Courses section and book one today!